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American Craft Amber Ale Kits (AMERAMB)

American Craft Amber Real Ale Kits makes 40 pints ready in 21 - 28 days

Amber pours light brown, fluffy white head.


Soft rounded aroma, subtle foral and slightly spicy.


Perfect soft malt character with a rounded mouth feel, enchanced and held together with a floral hop character with pungent tones of pine resin, and subtle earthy undertones

This beer shows its mettle effortlessly melding the juicy caramel and toffee malt characters that belie its strength with a fantastic hop flavour balanced with a good bitterness but not over bearing.


Malt Extract, Dextrose Monohydrate, Hops, Hop Extract, Dried Brewing Yeast. 

Hop Additions Pacific Jade, Summit, Cluster 100g in total

American craft homebrew kits include both brewing and priming sugar